February 21, 2008

Oh Dear Tapeworm!!

Posted in facts & nuthing but facts.. at 2:41 pm by anne

Okay so i was thinking to go to the gym today, right after Asar. But my friend who agreed to join me, cancelled it over some reasons. Well, i was okay with it. So here i am, making myself more FAT by eating biscuits and blogging. NOT EXERCISING while i should. Huhu. Just whatever.. i’m being nuisance here, again.. ;p

I have one interesting fact to share with all of you. *grin2* ;D

In Biology class, we learn about types of heterotrophic nutritions (obtaining food from plants and other organisms, means they don’t synthesis their own food), like holozoic, saprotrophic, parasitic, and mutualism. What attracts me the most is the parasitic type of nutrition. In parasitic type of nutrition, organism obtains their food from another LIVING organism, called the host.


So we learn about one example of organism which is grouped into parasite. The scientific name of the organism is Taenia Solium. Taenia??? That’s quite similar to my nickname, isn’t it?  LuTaNia…? haha! Neways, it’s also known as the pork tapeworm. It’s an endoparasite (live inside their host) & of course they may cause some degree of harm to the host. It has two hosts. Its primary host is man, and the adult stage is found attached to the wall of the small intestine of an infected individual. The secondary host is the pig, in which the larval stage develops. The adult stage consists of a flattened, ribbon-like body. The tapeworm can be up to 3.5m long and is approximately 6 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick. Okay, boringggg….. let’s get to the more intersting part… 😉


The egg of this tapeworm when detached from human, will pass out with the faeces of the host. Do u know what faeces is???? Faeces is simply, SHIT! Yucks~ I know~!  So, if the faeces is ingested by the secondary host, a pig, the life cycle proceeds to the next stage, giving rise to a larval stage in muscular tissue.  Okay, INGESTED? What is that supposed to mean..? Simply, pigs eat all sorts of dirty stuff, like mud, dirt, and even SHIT~! So the pigs basically eat shits. hoho… excuse me to say this, but it’s true… scientifically… Okay, highlights again, muscular tissue???  The meat, u idiot! PORK. So, i guess that’s why muslims aren’t allowed to eat pork. It’s filthy, especially pig itself eats dirty2 things. It’s just not ‘suci’..huhu..


It was quite chaotic in class just now. My friends who eat pork was kind of worried. ‘cuak kot’. huhuhu… Dun worry my dears, only infected pigs have larva of tapeworms inside their muscular tissue. But for us muslims, we take the easy, risk-free way. 😉



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  1. KaTiE A. said,

    ew this is kind of disgusting, but very helpful!

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