April 22, 2008

Come to think of it….?

Posted in facts & nuthing but facts.., the confession at 10:55 pm by anne

Phsics Practical exam was held today… As expected, the time given was not enough… Ahh, screw it…

Got bored, i painted my nails RED HOT…. My girls said i look evil….[??] Heee… 😉  Appreciate the compliment… I just think they look gorgeous… lalala~~

And i was sad just now, but since i can’t see myself benefiting from writing it here,  i just won’t…

I’m going to put this laptop in the ‘somewhere-i-cant-reach-easily’ place after this… Did it before, but it turned out, internet connection sucks (i know, becoz i was using my roommates PC) and i just have to take my laptop back to check the internet connection using the said laptop… But hey, whatever the reasons are, i know i failed my first attemp… I have to do it, or else i just wont stop myself from onlining non-stop, and i can’t reduce it either… I can’t follow time-tables… I’m not that disciplined to do so… 😉 And knowing that one weakness of mine, i have to do something to cure it… The best way is, to put it out of my view, and i’ll be just fine…. 🙂

The other day i chatted with my senior’s ‘suami tercinta’ (hahaha!)… That is Abg Razi and he talked to me about ‘Transhumanity Concept’…[??]  My mouth was dropped open when i heard about it, It was just soo deep and requires a hell lot of ‘thinking’.. Which i only come in the urge to do so nowadays when I’m doing my maths exercises… Which i always skipped because i’m just too lazy….[???] lalala~

It’s when humanity and technology blends… to produce ‘man-machine interfacing’ and ‘artificial intelligence’… [??]  Well, that was what he said… The man-machine thingy can be given examples like cyborg etc…. He also talk about this new technology created where the radio transceiver can be implanted in human body… About ‘radio waves’ and how the human with the said implanted ‘radio transceiver’ can controll just about any computer in the world with the same standard code by only using their brain… I mean, “cool~~”.. 😉

But take note;  homo-sapiens are geniuses which can take something and invent something else… The good homo-sapiens, will invent something good to make the world a better place… But the bad ones will take advantage of the technology created and utilise it for their own good. They don’t care whether it’s against nature or against the world and human rights… I mean, what will happen to the public, to the everyday people we meet if this technology is being abused and used against nature… The consequences can be devastating.. Come to think of it…?  😉



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