April 26, 2008

A Celebrity Look-Alike….?

Posted in the confession, What the....? at 9:49 pm by anne

OOkay….. I’ve been trying to find things to write about these few days… It turned out that i just have so much to write about till i cant decide on what to write about…. So i just basically don’t write… 😉

But i just noticed this, a few days ago.. I was browsing through some pictures during my vacation in Singapore and a small island in Indonesia… I went there with my auntie and some of my other close relatives, last year…

So, as i was browsing through these pictures, I found a picture of a cute little boy.. His name is Mohd. Iqhfan Al-Mouris (not so sure abt the spelling, but whatever)… He’s a son of a friend of my relative there… Hee~ 😉

Okay, so i noticed that he kinda look like DAVID ARCHULETA….. 🙂


more pic of David Archuleta…. We all know he’s an Eye Candy… Younger than me mayb… lalalala~

OOkay.. so here’s the pic of the lil boy….

Awwwhh….. isn’t he the cutest thing…..? 😉

It’s okay if u really think that this cute lil boi over here doesnt really look like him… 😉

It’s just that, whenever i look at David, the memory just flashes inside my mind and make me remember about this boy.. He’s just soo adorable… I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him then, because he was soo cute and chubbyy…. 😀

But because he stays in Singapore, i havent seen him eversince… I kinda miss him.. Huhu..

He couldnt say out words perfectly yet, at that time… I remmbered that he called me “kakak” with the baby talk way… Which is soo cute… And i just couldnt stop myself from bullying him, because i was just soo geram with his chubby existence… Haha!

The proof of my cruelness… lalala~


And that is all from Miss LuTaNia now peeps… Till then.. Toodles… *luvs*


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