About LuTaNiA

  +   aNNe   +

+  18 year-old  +

+  Malaysia  +

+   currently studying A-Levels   +

+   sucky UCSI  ;p  + 

+  5 February 1990  +

+  status:  + 

+   the center of his whole world… 🙂  +

+  go figure!  😉  +

+  nice & naughty  +

+  my sense of direction is poor  ;D  +

+  Denstist to be [*always2 in my prayer*]  😉  + 

+  get to know me, & and u’ll know i’m much more as a person  +

+  Lots of lurve!  +



p/s: At the end of the day, i just wanna have fun 😉

* owh ya, i hate stalker. No stalker puh-leasee….. 😉 tq!



  1. 🙂

  2. the azringe said,

    heyya!owhh sweet reading the articles written by you..one of the quotes that i wud agree the most from ur articles is “We always fight & fight & fight most of the times.., yet we’re so much in love… 🙂 It’s funny how we always get back together no matter what happens”..haha! pretty much like what happen to me..
    hmm..still havent read much yet all da articles..i wud spent a time reading those k! i hav a blog too, too bad, havent yet updated for months..i guess! huhu…neway, thanks for ur help..

    catch u later on k! c ya

  3. heartlocked90 said,

    i’ve already put urs on my blogroll… hope u wont mind.. 😉
    thanx for viewing my blog, azrin….
    i’ve visited urs.. it’s soooo about business…
    heh… is that iPod still available…? 🙂

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