April 26, 2008


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Seriously I’m outta my mind… Haihz… And u wanna know why i’m saying this..? I, myself can’t explain.. Mayb i should study now…? Shouldn’t i..?  hurm….

I had lunch at a Mamak eatery situated near my old apartment.. Which is only 10 minutes walk, away from the hostel which i’m staying now.. We (as in me & mua housemates) used to eat there everyday back then, but now that we’ve moved to hostel, we never go there anymore..

Had our lunch there, kinda miss the whole thing of staying there… The foreigners everywhere… heee~

The block to ur right is the one which i stayed before, 27th floor.. haha! The view from our apartment was, the swimming pool… 😉

There were so many hot Arabic Foreigners… More reasons to miss the whole thing… lalala~  😉 

But i know, it’s quite dangerous for us girls (only) to stay there because there were so many foreigners.. Most of them are from a certain country which i’m not gonna mention here.. I was quite scared of them, because they would stare at me… Not my other housemates.. I remembered that one time when one of them even said “Hi sexy, how’re you…?” And i just freaked out, but i didn’t show it… 😉

Not only they would stare, i know one who actually noticed me and approached me when he saw me at college… I was just being nice by saying “hi” back.. But they would ask my phone number, & et cetera, et cetera… I just don’t go there… Flirting is not my thing even at that time, i didnt have a bf.. And they’re just not my type… hahahah~!

Ergh… too much of nice poses… what about a crazy face…?? LOLs

*i’m singing Take A Bow from Leona Lewis*.. I LOVE her!!!


Didn’t go out today.. I was planning to study… But.. But… But…… 😦


April 19, 2008

take a bow, get out of the stage….

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the title has something to do with my new fav song.. From Leona Lewis… 😉

Yesterday, i had this Chemistry Practical Trial Exam.. Everything went fine, except the part which i have to do the titration & i messed it up. I got the wrong reading.. When Ms Nalina checked my reading, she told me to repeat it. I repeatd twice, still i got the same reading. When she do the titration for me, she got the right one. I was like, how the hell did she get that reading….??   Mayb i was wrong at observing the end-point of the titration… Holy shit~!  I always got the right one before this, okayy….? But i admit, it’s quite hard to see the end-point of the titraton using the Phenolphtalein Indicator… It turns from Colourless—>Light Purple… The light purple is easily oxidised by oxygen in air, so it will turn to colorless again after u get the right one.. So, there i got it, the errors in titration… Huhu~

 this the apparatus..

So I went shopping the other day… Hang-out and all… We watched “Definitely Mayb”.. It’s interesting.. I forgot already who were the casts but there was this Abigail kid, she’s cute.. 🙂  

In the movie, there was this girl that has always been the bestfriend of this guy, & it took so many years for this guy to realize that she has been always there for him and that she’s the One for him. He was always with a ring to propose to someone else u’know…
This girl was already in love with him and she had a boyfriend and how she felt that there’s always something missing with the guys she dated… 
In the movie, the storyline is told by the father(this guy) to his daughter… He even got married before he realized it.. Tell me about how clueless some guys can be.. Really…. It’s annoying.. But, the ending was a Happy Ending.. I was satisfied… 🙂

Oh, and one more thing, This Girl, she has so many collection of Jane Eyre just because her father presented one before he died and she lost the book. So, everytime she passed by a bookstore, she would try to look for the book that her father gave to her.. So, she would just buy the Jane Eyre books which have a special dedication to someone in it.. The dedication means a lot to someone.  It contains some words which maybe emotional, full of wisdom and so on and so forth… I think somehow the dedications make any second-hand book, valuable…

I remmbered something, I have one Jane Eyre tooo~~ 🙂  My Bro gave it to me for my birthday & just before i got the SPM results.. I don’t really like to read lar… Seriously.. I don’t really read much, especially those crappy book like Shopaholic or whatever la… People said, U are what u read.. I guess it can be true… My bro have soo much Donald Trumps’ book and i know he spent a lot on books.. He is planning to be one heck of a businessman… 😉 And my friend tim, she reads too much of that Gossip Girl, or Shopaholic or whatever, until she even started to sound like one of those bimbo.. haha! For me, i just think that i should spend more on other things, like clothes and everything.. Mayb that’s why they said that i’m soo different from my brother… Hehe!

I havent read much of the book, mayb this is the cause…..{???} —->

Hurm….. i wanna take a nap… hehe… taaa~


April 6, 2008

Festival of Colors, FESCO, UTP…

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Well, here it goes…

On 5th April ’08, i’ve participated in the Festival of Colours event that was held at UTP which is situated in Tronoh, Perak. It took us almost 4 long & restless hours before we reach there. While in the bus; waiting to reach UTP, we had fun singing to ‘The Power of Love’ CD (i know, lame, lame, lame. haha!) & chatting & laughing like crazy & also cam-whoring.. 😉  Ow yea, we had FUN.

me & inaa… Abg razi captured this pic! 😉

Inside the bus… haha! There’s Reen’s mummy… 🙂

our bus is the ‘kontot’ one…. Haha!

After we arrived, we were welcomed with arms wide open by the commitee member( i think so… huhu).. & we got the most good-looking tour guide.. haha! Most of my frens went all ga-ga over him.. He told us his name is Angga Pratama. Which made me think he was only pulling our leg until he showed us his on-duty card. I went stupid & asked him, ” Are u jawa or something..? Are u sure u’re name is not Muhammad Angga..? Or smthing else…?” Which made the whole table of hungry people laughed. Yasmin my girl is sooooooo into him. Haha.. I’m sorry Angga, but i’m taken.. ;))  *prasannnn* ;p  

 It’s actually my first time participating in such event. 🙂

It was such a great experience. I was so nervous at first, but i just wanna make all the hard-ass practices we had, worth the while.

min, muaself, kak mun, n reen da cheerleader... haha!

prof dtg support oh! ;D

While watching all the other universities’ performance, we felt quite inferior because they were so great. We talked to one of the choreographer of UiTM about the duration of their practice & he was like, “we all practice nak dekat one year“. Omigod~ are u serious?? We practised for only TWO WEEKs~!

Besides, we didn’t even hire any choreographer because we already have an experienced senior dancer in our group.. But, really… Most of us don’t have any experience at all in doing traditional dance before. We felt proud of ourselves because in such a short period of time, we managed to put out our best performance… 🙂


And FYI, all the dancers from most of the universities are professional dancers. I mean, they’re taking their degree in this thing. People DO take degree in Dancing, i guess. And this is their life. So we didn’t feel bad at all.. But we feel proud instead, because we begin from zero in just TWO weeks.. 🙂

About the costume & make-ups, I LOVE it all… 😉

I do my make-up myself, just asked Kak Ani to help me add on some more base make-ups.. And Reen’s mummy to tie my hair WAyy UP.. 🙂 I like her mum, so supportive & kind…. Huhu.. I miiss my mum.. 😦

sitting 2gethaa..

We did ZAPIN & CANGGUNG.. And i think the audience loved the Zapin more.. 🙂

Zapin Timmee…

I was placed quite in front of the stage, & the camera was so close to me. 🙂

colorful lights…. big screen… *luvs*

Abg Razi which is Kak Aza’s hubbyy, took the video while we were performing, I can see a lot of me on the screen.. So shy.. 🙂

Owh yea, Kak Aza(my senior in UCSI, she’s the one who helped out with the choreograph) said that, if people don’t know me, they would actually think that i’m a ‘Sabahan’. Which left me puzzled. Why oh why..?? Huhu!

with kak aza.. ;)

Actually, after talking to Kak Aza, (not la abt the Sabahan look.. ;p) i really have faith in the love i have now. Her husband & her have been dating for about 7 years, & that includes 3 years of long-distance relationship. That was while Abg Razi (which is her hubby now) worked overseas. I really think of Kak Aza, Kak Ani & all of the other seniors like my sister u’know.. And the fact that i don’t have any sisters.. I showed Kak Aza a picture of me & him, and i told her about my going to oversea to further my studies later. She said that there’s gonna be a lot of  obstacles to go through but i believe, if they can do it, why can’t us…? If he’s as strong as i am & the love we have is pure i believe we’ll make it through one day..

On the way back, i slept like a baby….

 After we stopped at an R&R, had our lunch & everything, i couldnt sleep anymore which made me end up cam-whoring againn… ;))


And here are some ‘behind the scene’ pictures… we took it while we were practising… hehe!

Baad pics of me… LOL!


Mayb i’ll upload some more pics later on.. And if i’m lucky enough, some more videos.. :)) 

p/s: i’m so busy right now, trial examm is commin’ my way this Thursdayy.. Wish me luck~! 😉

I loved it doee~~ ;D

It’s like my new passion… ‘This’ is the ‘shit’ y’all…~~


March 25, 2008

craziness ;D

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Mr. Eli ;)

Mr. Eli.. so chomel.. 😉

contengan di bilik kuliah.. ;p

glory gloryyy…. ;D

I Rock! Yeah!

I ROCK!  (really…..?)

Music Is My Life!

Music & me…??

ILi Da NgOkNgeK Girl & EVILL ;p

if u can read the writing, well……. ili wrote it.. ;p haha!

Eli & Mr. Ipanema

March 16, 2008

new rays of hope… :)

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Yeah… i’ve been into that darkness

& thank God, i’ve been given a second chance… It ain’t that bad at all…

Thankful is how i’m feeling… 

i’m now full with hopes and determinationain’t nothing gonna bring me down this time….


Life wants a piece of me…. i’m not gonna give it just a piece of me…. i’m gonna give it the best of the whole me…



March 11, 2008


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it feels like years since i wrote something sincerely from my heart. Eventho i’ve been posting some craps before this, it just doesnt feel like something. I feel down today. Something weird, if u ask me the so-called ‘Miss Brightside’. I cant cry because i’m holding it all close to my mind n only to myself. I forbid myself from crying, since i dont have anyone else to blame but me. Behind this laughter u’ll never know there’s pain.  It’s everything that i have, but i blew it away.  My stupidity costs me this lost. I wanna stop and rewine it back. All over. I still have chances but they are only small rays of hope. I have to do it better next time.. Waayy better.. I feel crushed by myself. I’m frustrated of myself. I dont know what else to do. Have u ever felt like u’re the worst..? N u’re the last one…? U had choices but u chose the wrong pathway that soon leads u to doomness..?  I cant cry, i have to stand up & step up. Up forward, take the past as the guidance that wont let myself fall again into that hole of darkness.. The best teacher ever.. Becoz i fell hard. I fell hard onto the solid ground, & i can feel  the consequences of taking something for granted. Being the straight A’s student that i was doesn’t guarantee me anything.  This time i have to do it right, i won’t let myself drifts away from the right path. I’m gonna give it all of me. I’m gonna strive hard. Yea it’s hard, to see all that people looking at u with hopes. It’s hard to know that their expectation is as high as the sky. It’s hard to know that ur dreams are one step further than it was. It’s hard to keep it all to urself & pretend everything’s fine. It’s hard to know that everyone else does it better than u. First time of my life i feel so stupid. I don’t know how to make it better, now that it’s done. I need a savior.  Someone who can help me & bring me back to life again, now that i feel like i cant breath. I hate the way i think now. I hate that i’m so carefree. I hate that i took it for granted. I hate it becoz nowaday only i’m shallow. I hate it that i acted just like someone who doesnt have any head on her shoulder.  I hate it that i acted like someone anonymous, i was different. The way i think was different, i loved to study eventho i wasnt a really hardworking one. Is it this environment i’m in that causes me these changes…?  Oh, I blame myself. 😦

March 7, 2008

We’re Proud Of Her.

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     Well, i’m not gonne write about just another crap. I’m gonne write about my cousin’s daughter. Who?? U’re wondering..? Well, I’m here to relate it to u.. Like of course~ 😉 Firstly, the age gap between me & my cousin is like really big. Her daughter is already in standard 4. She’s now schooling in Sekolah Rendah Presint 8 in Putrajaya. Recently,her daughter which i only call Shasha, made it to the news. She’s just in primary school but she already made it BIG. 

                I know that Shasha has always been a good swimmer, but i din know that she has won many gold medals in her category. That’s like wow~  I’m so proud of her, & if u think that i’m bragging here about her, well.., maybe… But for some reasons.. I’ve been always amazed by these young2 kids, which happen to be so great in what they’re doing.. Because they have been trained to do something that they have potential in, they dedicated their lives since young to that something & because they are soo talented to ace it.. These young ones are the apprentice to set new records, to represent Malaysia & to awe the world..  😉

the news     go girl!

the medals

Her father is pleasantly proud of her.. Well, what father don’t? Even I do.. She even told the reporter that apart from being a swimmer & having all that crazy practice schedule.. She’ll never neglect her studies, & stated that she wants to be a Dentist. Awwhh…. just like me… 😉  Well, all the best to you Shasha.. Keep up the good work.. Keep amazing me.. See you when i ‘balik kampung’ okayy?? ;D    Proud Of you babygurrrlll….!!  😉

A lil update about me.. I’m still having this sorethroat & i’ve been coughing like crazy.. Haihz.. Tomorrow is the BIG IELTS exam… I’m so worried… Don’t let me get overdosed on cough syrup, pls… 😦  I don’t wanna be high when i do the speaking test… huhu… Wish Me LUCK..~! 😉


March 5, 2008

In Memory….

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I’m sick today =(. I don’t feel well since i have sorethroat & fever. He is sick too today =(. I’m worried. It’s weird that we fall sick at the same time. It’s like we have that connection u’know? =) But, what’s NOT weird about us?? We always fight & fight & fight most of the times.., yet we’re so much in love… 🙂 It’s funny how we always get back together no matter what happens… Hurmm… i rarely fall sick, but this time i do. What a ‘good’ timing because this Saturday i have IELTS exam. hah! 

Today, one week after the concert. Well, i remembered something. Since the Backstreet Boys concert was held somewhere in Sunway Pyramid at night, i had the chance to watch the Malaysian Ice Hockey Team practising. OHH, I Miss my school years. I played hockey for my ex-school( SM Sains Seri Puteri). I was the captain okayy?? ;D  I miss that friggin’ adrenaline rush. That feelings when u step onto the ‘turf field’. I miss leading my team to warm up & do the stamina thingy.  I miss practising with them. We don’t have any coach back then, so basically i was the coach, based on my 5 years playing hockey experience. Heh. Don’t patronize me okay?  😉 Well now, i’m not so active in sports anymore. i only do shopping. Shopping is some kinda exercise too uknow..? hehe..

hockey team.. I am the one holding the head key.. ;)

These were my teammates.. Luvs & Misses… 😉

March 4, 2008

‘Busy’ness ;p

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I have tonnes of maths homeworks, which i saved for the last weekend, still undone. And i have lots of revisions to do. I have to practice IELTS. I’m going to sit for it, this Saturday, 8th March. What ??? [*sigh*]  I’m f**ken stressed out.. Yeah, u can say that. Yet, i act cool as usual. Like nothing happened & i don’t have anything to worry about. The reason i’m so active blogging now is only because i felt like i need to write. About anything. I think somehow it helps me in preparing myself for IELTS, if not a bit. May the force be with me. Help me God…. 😦 



February 29, 2008

Backstreet Boys Concert~!

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Hell yeahh!! It was held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach.. Wet ‘n Wild.. Yeah u bet.. the Beach was wet, n the crowd was wild.. ;P

before the concert.. ;)  bfore the concert.. ;)  hehe ;)   outside the surf beach.. bfore entering ;)  tix plz?  escalator pics..

Da REAL THANG! BSB ROCKS!!!  I love Nick, Brian, & AJ~!! Okay2, Howie D too~!!! 😉  Their dance moves got me muuvin’, & their songs got me singing so loud to beat the crowd. I am not such a party girl, but i sure do know how to HAVE FUN~ !! ;D

   Actually i wasn’t such a big fan of them. They were in their glorious years back in while i was in standard 6, i guess. There were 2 boybands, which were so popular within that era. Those two are N’sync & Backstreet Boys. I used to LOVE N’sync sooo much, more than i love Backstreet Boys. But let’s face it, Backstreet Boys are legend, & they rocked the night! I told my brother that i went to the concert while he on9 his YM there in Germany. He said ” Huh?? Wujud lagi ke..?” Haha… Mestilar.. Okkayy…? ;p  The thing is nowadays, whatever things that can be included as retro, they are SOO IN RIGHT NOW. So i guess that includes Backstreet Boys. haha! My girl Peja was being hilarious when she said that we’re going to watch the Backstreets ‘Boroi’ performing. She said that because most of the band members are quite in their adult, adult years already (if u know what i mean). And oh, AJ’s going to be bald. What a pity sight that nite…. huhu

show me the meaning of being lonely :)   we rock too! ;)   man, we were that close to them.. ;)   they’re the bomb~   after concert~   BSB show me the meaning of being lonely

here are some videos WE recorded during the concert… I uploaded them in YouTube… Enjoy~ wuuuhuuuu~!!!!! BSB yeahhhhhh~!!!!!!! 

The Opening.. Rockin’ I’m tellin’ ya..~ 

Their new song.. i dunno what’s the title.. but Nick HOT sgt~ XD

The Call 😉


As Long As You Love Me, baby~!!

This is while they were introducing the band… FuNkYY~!! ;D

Incomplete y’all~!! ;D

Inconsolable… Gosh, i sang like a lunatic! If i sing like that alone, people would think i’m crazy! seriously! 😉

Goshh!! It might be a Backstreets Boys Concert, but I, ME, to be more specific, MYSELF, talked to Ashraf Sinclair & we even took pic with him & his gf Bunga the Indon singer/actress. I was like “Ashraf, can we take picture with you..?”. Nicely & with a smiling face, i even looked at his eyes while talking to him. So brave of me(”,). And he went like “Okay2, kejap ye, after this one” & he smiled at me. After that we took pic with him & Bunga. I TALKED TO ASHRAF SINCLAIR~!!! NO BD(big deal) for you mayb, but for me IT IS. Especially I used to love watching Gol & Gincu. Haha! Okay i admit, I was starstrucked. ;D  Damn2~ But the pic of us & them is too ‘funny’. I looked weird. What do you expect, i was drenched in sweat & rain okay? The crowd was so wild. I went like “aaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!” & “We Love U Nick~!!” all the time~!! Owh yea, i’m a fan of Nick Carter. He looked cute that night, but my girl Yasmin said that he looked lonely.. I don’t know what she meant but i thought so too.. Hurmm…

And something ruinned my night, there was this one Arabian guy, i think, because he’s not asian. He stood behind me, & he was so rude. He was standing too close to me. And i know he did it on purpose. Something else happened too but i’m not gonna mention it here. All i know is, I turned around & warned him, oh, mayb i sorta yelled at him. I felt like slapping him on the face, uknow??? To all the girls out there, some guys just need to be warned, or mayb a slap or two, bfore they back off! I know that there are whopping amount of people that night. If it’s a traffic jam, DJ on the radio says that the cars are bumper-to-bumper. May i say that the people were butt-to-butt..?? No? Yes? Oh, mind me my language, but people there were so packed. Like Sardine inside the tin. Haha! So, that was the only thing that ruinned my nite. Other than that, i just had fun~! I Sang & Danced to the music… 😉 Don’t really care what others think.. Becoz they had fun too~ 

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