April 26, 2008


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Seriously I’m outta my mind… Haihz… And u wanna know why i’m saying this..? I, myself can’t explain.. Mayb i should study now…? Shouldn’t i..?  hurm….

I had lunch at a Mamak eatery situated near my old apartment.. Which is only 10 minutes walk, away from the hostel which i’m staying now.. We (as in me & mua housemates) used to eat there everyday back then, but now that we’ve moved to hostel, we never go there anymore..

Had our lunch there, kinda miss the whole thing of staying there… The foreigners everywhere… heee~

The block to ur right is the one which i stayed before, 27th floor.. haha! The view from our apartment was, the swimming pool… 😉

There were so many hot Arabic Foreigners… More reasons to miss the whole thing… lalala~  😉 

But i know, it’s quite dangerous for us girls (only) to stay there because there were so many foreigners.. Most of them are from a certain country which i’m not gonna mention here.. I was quite scared of them, because they would stare at me… Not my other housemates.. I remembered that one time when one of them even said “Hi sexy, how’re you…?” And i just freaked out, but i didn’t show it… 😉

Not only they would stare, i know one who actually noticed me and approached me when he saw me at college… I was just being nice by saying “hi” back.. But they would ask my phone number, & et cetera, et cetera… I just don’t go there… Flirting is not my thing even at that time, i didnt have a bf.. And they’re just not my type… hahahah~!

Ergh… too much of nice poses… what about a crazy face…?? LOLs

*i’m singing Take A Bow from Leona Lewis*.. I LOVE her!!!


Didn’t go out today.. I was planning to study… But.. But… But…… 😦


April 6, 2008

Festival of Colors, FESCO, UTP…

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Well, here it goes…

On 5th April ’08, i’ve participated in the Festival of Colours event that was held at UTP which is situated in Tronoh, Perak. It took us almost 4 long & restless hours before we reach there. While in the bus; waiting to reach UTP, we had fun singing to ‘The Power of Love’ CD (i know, lame, lame, lame. haha!) & chatting & laughing like crazy & also cam-whoring.. 😉  Ow yea, we had FUN.

me & inaa… Abg razi captured this pic! 😉

Inside the bus… haha! There’s Reen’s mummy… 🙂

our bus is the ‘kontot’ one…. Haha!

After we arrived, we were welcomed with arms wide open by the commitee member( i think so… huhu).. & we got the most good-looking tour guide.. haha! Most of my frens went all ga-ga over him.. He told us his name is Angga Pratama. Which made me think he was only pulling our leg until he showed us his on-duty card. I went stupid & asked him, ” Are u jawa or something..? Are u sure u’re name is not Muhammad Angga..? Or smthing else…?” Which made the whole table of hungry people laughed. Yasmin my girl is sooooooo into him. Haha.. I’m sorry Angga, but i’m taken.. ;))  *prasannnn* ;p  

 It’s actually my first time participating in such event. 🙂

It was such a great experience. I was so nervous at first, but i just wanna make all the hard-ass practices we had, worth the while.

min, muaself, kak mun, n reen da cheerleader... haha!

prof dtg support oh! ;D

While watching all the other universities’ performance, we felt quite inferior because they were so great. We talked to one of the choreographer of UiTM about the duration of their practice & he was like, “we all practice nak dekat one year“. Omigod~ are u serious?? We practised for only TWO WEEKs~!

Besides, we didn’t even hire any choreographer because we already have an experienced senior dancer in our group.. But, really… Most of us don’t have any experience at all in doing traditional dance before. We felt proud of ourselves because in such a short period of time, we managed to put out our best performance… 🙂


And FYI, all the dancers from most of the universities are professional dancers. I mean, they’re taking their degree in this thing. People DO take degree in Dancing, i guess. And this is their life. So we didn’t feel bad at all.. But we feel proud instead, because we begin from zero in just TWO weeks.. 🙂

About the costume & make-ups, I LOVE it all… 😉

I do my make-up myself, just asked Kak Ani to help me add on some more base make-ups.. And Reen’s mummy to tie my hair WAyy UP.. 🙂 I like her mum, so supportive & kind…. Huhu.. I miiss my mum.. 😦

sitting 2gethaa..

We did ZAPIN & CANGGUNG.. And i think the audience loved the Zapin more.. 🙂

Zapin Timmee…

I was placed quite in front of the stage, & the camera was so close to me. 🙂

colorful lights…. big screen… *luvs*

Abg Razi which is Kak Aza’s hubbyy, took the video while we were performing, I can see a lot of me on the screen.. So shy.. 🙂

Owh yea, Kak Aza(my senior in UCSI, she’s the one who helped out with the choreograph) said that, if people don’t know me, they would actually think that i’m a ‘Sabahan’. Which left me puzzled. Why oh why..?? Huhu!

with kak aza.. ;)

Actually, after talking to Kak Aza, (not la abt the Sabahan look.. ;p) i really have faith in the love i have now. Her husband & her have been dating for about 7 years, & that includes 3 years of long-distance relationship. That was while Abg Razi (which is her hubby now) worked overseas. I really think of Kak Aza, Kak Ani & all of the other seniors like my sister u’know.. And the fact that i don’t have any sisters.. I showed Kak Aza a picture of me & him, and i told her about my going to oversea to further my studies later. She said that there’s gonna be a lot of  obstacles to go through but i believe, if they can do it, why can’t us…? If he’s as strong as i am & the love we have is pure i believe we’ll make it through one day..

On the way back, i slept like a baby….

 After we stopped at an R&R, had our lunch & everything, i couldnt sleep anymore which made me end up cam-whoring againn… ;))


And here are some ‘behind the scene’ pictures… we took it while we were practising… hehe!

Baad pics of me… LOL!


Mayb i’ll upload some more pics later on.. And if i’m lucky enough, some more videos.. :)) 

p/s: i’m so busy right now, trial examm is commin’ my way this Thursdayy.. Wish me luck~! 😉

I loved it doee~~ ;D

It’s like my new passion… ‘This’ is the ‘shit’ y’all…~~


March 25, 2008

craziness ;D

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Mr. Eli ;)

Mr. Eli.. so chomel.. 😉

contengan di bilik kuliah.. ;p

glory gloryyy…. ;D

I Rock! Yeah!

I ROCK!  (really…..?)

Music Is My Life!

Music & me…??

ILi Da NgOkNgeK Girl & EVILL ;p

if u can read the writing, well……. ili wrote it.. ;p haha!

Eli & Mr. Ipanema