May 1, 2008

Hair BreakDown :(

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I coloured my hair brown, but heck i dont know what went wrong, but the colour turned out to be orangy.. Which really doesnt suit me… I HATE THE COLOUR!


i’m not gonna put my pic here to show you.. It’s hideous…! 😦

I’ve been thinking bout a few solutions available.. Mayb i’m gonna colour my hair black again… 😦

Wish me luck!!


April 26, 2008


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Seriously I’m outta my mind… Haihz… And u wanna know why i’m saying this..? I, myself can’t explain.. Mayb i should study now…? Shouldn’t i..?  hurm….

I had lunch at a Mamak eatery situated near my old apartment.. Which is only 10 minutes walk, away from the hostel which i’m staying now.. We (as in me & mua housemates) used to eat there everyday back then, but now that we’ve moved to hostel, we never go there anymore..

Had our lunch there, kinda miss the whole thing of staying there… The foreigners everywhere… heee~

The block to ur right is the one which i stayed before, 27th floor.. haha! The view from our apartment was, the swimming pool… 😉

There were so many hot Arabic Foreigners… More reasons to miss the whole thing… lalala~  😉 

But i know, it’s quite dangerous for us girls (only) to stay there because there were so many foreigners.. Most of them are from a certain country which i’m not gonna mention here.. I was quite scared of them, because they would stare at me… Not my other housemates.. I remembered that one time when one of them even said “Hi sexy, how’re you…?” And i just freaked out, but i didn’t show it… 😉

Not only they would stare, i know one who actually noticed me and approached me when he saw me at college… I was just being nice by saying “hi” back.. But they would ask my phone number, & et cetera, et cetera… I just don’t go there… Flirting is not my thing even at that time, i didnt have a bf.. And they’re just not my type… hahahah~!

Ergh… too much of nice poses… what about a crazy face…?? LOLs

*i’m singing Take A Bow from Leona Lewis*.. I LOVE her!!!


Didn’t go out today.. I was planning to study… But.. But… But…… 😦

A Celebrity Look-Alike….?

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OOkay….. I’ve been trying to find things to write about these few days… It turned out that i just have so much to write about till i cant decide on what to write about…. So i just basically don’t write… 😉

But i just noticed this, a few days ago.. I was browsing through some pictures during my vacation in Singapore and a small island in Indonesia… I went there with my auntie and some of my other close relatives, last year…

So, as i was browsing through these pictures, I found a picture of a cute little boy.. His name is Mohd. Iqhfan Al-Mouris (not so sure abt the spelling, but whatever)… He’s a son of a friend of my relative there… Hee~ 😉

Okay, so i noticed that he kinda look like DAVID ARCHULETA….. 🙂


more pic of David Archuleta…. We all know he’s an Eye Candy… Younger than me mayb… lalalala~

OOkay.. so here’s the pic of the lil boy….

Awwwhh….. isn’t he the cutest thing…..? 😉

It’s okay if u really think that this cute lil boi over here doesnt really look like him… 😉

It’s just that, whenever i look at David, the memory just flashes inside my mind and make me remember about this boy.. He’s just soo adorable… I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him then, because he was soo cute and chubbyy…. 😀

But because he stays in Singapore, i havent seen him eversince… I kinda miss him.. Huhu..

He couldnt say out words perfectly yet, at that time… I remmbered that he called me “kakak” with the baby talk way… Which is soo cute… And i just couldnt stop myself from bullying him, because i was just soo geram with his chubby existence… Haha!

The proof of my cruelness… lalala~


And that is all from Miss LuTaNia now peeps… Till then.. Toodles… *luvs*

April 24, 2008

another result of chronic boredom~

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1. How tall are you ?
= 5″2′ onlyy… how many time wanna ask lorh..? ;0
2. Have you ever smoked?
= i cant even stand the smell of cigarettes..
3. Do you own a gun?
= Yea, a toy gunn… 😉
4. Do you hate someone right now?
= Hate is a strong word. I prefer dislike. Well, a psycho bitch.
5. Do you get nervous?
= Yea… I get nervous when i get nervous , okay..?
6. What do you think of hotdogs?
= Not much to my liking.
7. Whats your favorite Raya song?
= this one P. Ramlee song, forgot the title… 😉
8. What do you prefer to drink?
= plain water. I need something decaf, seriously.
9. Can you do push ups?
= like yea… not so many at one time tho… haha!
11. Whats your favorite piece of
= I’m all about earrings.. 😉
12. Do you like painkillers?
= ergh.. no..?
13. What is your secret weapon to lure
the opposite sex?
= Lure…? hahaha~  My personality, i guess.. Physical may also be it.. 😉
14. Do you own a knife?
= yea.. to cut off fruits, if u wonder….?
15. Do you have H.I.V?
= Human Immunodeficiency Virus..  Is it correct..? Well, last time i did a medical checkup, It’s negative…
16. Your name?
= Why do you care so much to know..?  U’d twist ur tounge just to pronounce it.. haha! Let alone to spell correctly by just hearing it….  ;p
17. Name 3 things u wanna do at this
exact moment?
= Maths exercises, Make tea for myself, do some facial thingy.. 😉
18. Name the last 3 things you have
bought lately
= clothes, some stationery, and good food…   😉
19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
= moccachino, tea, vanilla latte.. I need something decaf..  ;p
20. What time did you wake up today?
= 6.50 am..
22. Current worry?
= him… studies… exams… i lost my room keys, dammit!
23.Current hate?
= Not much..
24. Favorite place to be?
= Home… not favourite, but i long to be there now… 😦
25. Least favorite place to be?
= cant think of anything now except for stinky toilets…? LOLs…
26. Where would you like to go?
= New York, or Paris.. Busy cities, to get some taste of that chaos…
27. Do you own slippers?
= Who don’t…? raise up ur feet..?? haha!
28. What shirt are you wearing?
= Black satin spaghetti, if that’s what they call this… lalala~
31. Would you like to be a pirate?
= Ergh…. NO….?
32. Last time you had an alcoholic
= I don’t drink. I despise people who forgets their own root just to be cool. Enuff said, i’m not the one to judge.
33. What songs do you sing in the
= Depends, usually my favourite songs..
34. What did you fear was going to get
you at night as a child?
= Erm… Ghosts…? A crawling one with long hair.. Coming out from a TV… Gosh, goose bumps.. I watched too much TV… ;p
35. What’s in your pocket right now?
= My tights dun hv pockets… haha..
36. Last thing that made you laugh?
= Made me laugh so hard just now, a funny pic of me… How embarrassing!  ;D
37. Last thing that made you cry?
= my first worries… 😦
38. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
= The joint at my knee was accidentally twisted during a taekwondo practice… Ligaments were torn… I can’t walk for 3 days.. Yet the doc at hosp gave me 1 day MC… WTF???
40. How many cellphones do you have?
= Only one… 😉
41. Who is your loudest friend?
= To be frank, I have a lot of that kind. 😉
42. Your most silent friend?
= Can’t think of anyone. To be frank too, i dun get them… seriously…
43. Movie you wanna see?
= If i hv the chance to, ‘Over Her Dead Body’…
44. What is your favorite book?
= Difficult to say laa… Dun really like to read… can i say ‘CLEO’ mag…?
45.What is your favorite chocolate?
= not a chocoholic laa… ;p
47. What song do/did you want to play
at your wedding?
= Careless Whisper… Can i dance with ‘him’ too….? 😉
48. What were you doing 12 AM last
= nothing. havent sleep either.
49. What was the first thing you did
= Took my shower…?
50. What was the last thing you did
the day before yesterday?
= Did some Biology notes…. ;D   Not the diligent type, but i did it!… Something, huh??
p/s: To Mr Jack Sparrow… I ‘curi’ ur survey… ;D

April 19, 2008

take a bow, get out of the stage….

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the title has something to do with my new fav song.. From Leona Lewis… 😉

Yesterday, i had this Chemistry Practical Trial Exam.. Everything went fine, except the part which i have to do the titration & i messed it up. I got the wrong reading.. When Ms Nalina checked my reading, she told me to repeat it. I repeatd twice, still i got the same reading. When she do the titration for me, she got the right one. I was like, how the hell did she get that reading….??   Mayb i was wrong at observing the end-point of the titration… Holy shit~!  I always got the right one before this, okayy….? But i admit, it’s quite hard to see the end-point of the titraton using the Phenolphtalein Indicator… It turns from Colourless—>Light Purple… The light purple is easily oxidised by oxygen in air, so it will turn to colorless again after u get the right one.. So, there i got it, the errors in titration… Huhu~

 this the apparatus..

So I went shopping the other day… Hang-out and all… We watched “Definitely Mayb”.. It’s interesting.. I forgot already who were the casts but there was this Abigail kid, she’s cute.. 🙂  

In the movie, there was this girl that has always been the bestfriend of this guy, & it took so many years for this guy to realize that she has been always there for him and that she’s the One for him. He was always with a ring to propose to someone else u’know…
This girl was already in love with him and she had a boyfriend and how she felt that there’s always something missing with the guys she dated… 
In the movie, the storyline is told by the father(this guy) to his daughter… He even got married before he realized it.. Tell me about how clueless some guys can be.. Really…. It’s annoying.. But, the ending was a Happy Ending.. I was satisfied… 🙂

Oh, and one more thing, This Girl, she has so many collection of Jane Eyre just because her father presented one before he died and she lost the book. So, everytime she passed by a bookstore, she would try to look for the book that her father gave to her.. So, she would just buy the Jane Eyre books which have a special dedication to someone in it.. The dedication means a lot to someone.  It contains some words which maybe emotional, full of wisdom and so on and so forth… I think somehow the dedications make any second-hand book, valuable…

I remmbered something, I have one Jane Eyre tooo~~ 🙂  My Bro gave it to me for my birthday & just before i got the SPM results.. I don’t really like to read lar… Seriously.. I don’t really read much, especially those crappy book like Shopaholic or whatever la… People said, U are what u read.. I guess it can be true… My bro have soo much Donald Trumps’ book and i know he spent a lot on books.. He is planning to be one heck of a businessman… 😉 And my friend tim, she reads too much of that Gossip Girl, or Shopaholic or whatever, until she even started to sound like one of those bimbo.. haha! For me, i just think that i should spend more on other things, like clothes and everything.. Mayb that’s why they said that i’m soo different from my brother… Hehe!

I havent read much of the book, mayb this is the cause…..{???} —->

Hurm….. i wanna take a nap… hehe… taaa~


April 15, 2008


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I was browsing through the net as usual…

Don’t have anything to do…. Mayb i should do math exercises but naaah, not now… Mayb Later.. 

a night of chronic boredom…. How pathetic… 😦

Now lemme comment on these celebrities.. Thumbs UP, or DOWN…??

First, Rihanna.. Everyone knows that this small town girl made it Big in Hollywood.. Now, what she put on for the “ORANGE carpet” during Nickelodean Kids Award is something… erm… I mean, what’s with the corset…?? I know that mayb they think it’s cute, but a loose pants doesn’t give the look, u’knoww… It just doesn’t match.. Mayb something tight will do… Skinny pants are HOT now… 🙂 Mayb u should try that rihanna….& I just don’t like her hair laaaa… Looks like… ermm neverminndd.. 

He’s adoorable~~~  Aww~~~ 😉  He looked totally fine… His duet with Jordin is also one of my favs.. “No air, no air……”. 😉 During ‘Idol Gives Back’, he performed with Jordin & i think they only sounded good together but not that good performing together.. I don’t think the chemistry was there… I mean, i can see that Jordin was the only one reaching out to him while singing, while he was just singing and looking at her… I thought it was funny…{?????}  I think mayb Chris was just nervous when performing without dancing.. We’ve all seen his dance moves…. It’s booty-shakinn’, if u know what i’m sayin’.. 😉

Her tube-dress is so cute! And i adore the striking orange wedges… 😉  They said that she’s pregnant… [????] The fiancee Pete Wentz from Fall-out boy is kinda okay-looking…. 🙂

Jamie Lynn Spears with boyfriend Casey Aldridge while celebrating 17th birthday.. She’s 17 and pregnant… Like, “Hellloooo… ever heard of the word ‘condom’…??”  ;p. Okay, that’s mean.. haha.. But really… teenagers nowadays just plain stupid. I know that they think it’s okay in hollywood, but i know it’s not okay here… I think these young celebrities just too caught up in the lifestyle of young, rich & famous.. Well, just mayb they should know better…. {????}

Avril’s cute pose for the red carpet… OMG, she looked soo cute… But yet, i’m speechless… haha! She always come out as a bit different & i just love thattt… I’ve been her fan since ever!

Spiderman’s Girlfriend ready to be saved….? haha!

No comment on their apparels but to me I love Rascal Flatt’s ‘What Hurts The Most’… It’s tear-jerking for me back then… huhu!

Love her, love her acting in ‘Ugly Betty’… I think she looks nice although she’s not as skinny as the others.. 🙂  Go Ferrera~

She looks fabulous.. I’ve always thought she’s very pretty… Love the colour of the dress… 😉 It’s Raspberry….{?????}  Thumbs up forreal~!!

Last but definitely not least, Miley Cyrus.. I think she’s cute! Can u believe it she’s only 15…?? BTW, the haltered-neck dress looks elegant on her… Thumbs up for sure~!!


OOkayyy,….. 😉  Till then (till i have the mood to criticise again)…….. Taa~~


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Writing paper for all the subjects are officially ended today.  I AM HAPPY.. 🙂

Still, i have to take the practical test for Chemistry & Physics… I think Chemistry Practical is fun… 🙂 Physics…….. erm………..

I’m looking forward 4 tomorrow… 🙂 Will be out with friends after exam… We have no class tomorrow… wee~~~~   A few things planned already….. Gonna be funn…. 😀

I met a friend on friendster a few days ago… I’m talking about a very long-lost friend here… I was in the same class with him during my standard 5 and 6… I wasn’t in the same class with him before because i’m a ‘leap-class’ student (budak lompat) ;p. So, yea.. i am younger WHATSOEVER i-don’t-think-it-makes-any-difference… BTW, i’m only one year younger whaat… 🙂   After we finished primary school, i dunno where he went to for high school… And i don’t think i cared enough to find out.. haha!

When i met him earlier, i just straight away recognized his face.. So, i just approved him & we just exchanged comments & all… I thought he knew that it’s me… But i felt a lil weird because he was being formal, like he don’t know me at all… Like, c’mon la.. Until a few days later when he asked me where do i come from.. He said that he knew that i was in the same school with him but he don’t really recognize me… I was like.. ” Helllooooo, don’t tell me u don’t recognized me…???”.. Like, pissed off jgk lar… Dah comment2 brp hari bru nak prasan… Trime kasih aa… ;p    After i told him then only he said that he recognize me.. He said that i look so much different now….. [????] Owh well, mayb i just look better than the old days………. 🙂

I know i changed a lot from the outside… But in the inside i’m still very much the same… Or mayb better… Mayb a lot more matured…. Yea rigghhhtttt….. 🙂 Haha!



April 14, 2008

Is Your Favourite Colour Blue..?

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i saw this survey in CLEO.. just one of my Fav Mag.. 😉

If i tell u to whom this survey was being asked to, u wouldn’t believe it….. Well, only to the 50 Most Eligible Bachelor of the year, i guess… 😉  Hunks whom i think just trying too hard lar… ;p

Of course i change it a bit to suit a ladyyy like me… 🙂


I live by the rule: Life goes on… and on… and on…. (titanic version) ;p

The nicest thing a man’s said to me is…: “Cantik u malam ni”.. uh-oh.. 😉

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done?: Put up a finger to an umpire in a hockey match…. [?????]

What were you teased about as a child..? : I was so chubby… hehe… so, go figure~ I just think that it hurt me emotionally & personally back then.. but growing up like that, i just learned how to stand up for myself & I just don’t give a damn about what they say… I guess it just turn me into a person with a strong personality… 😉 

Which reality TV show would you like to be on..? : I would love to be on American Idol~!!!!! But wait… I think i won’t even last a week in that show… haha! Fear Factor will do… 😉

You know you’ve made it when..: I have a million dollar in my bank account & i have a happy family… I would make sure that my parents are taken care of nicely… I want a work that i can really enjoy. Nothing stressful… hopefully… 🙂

The celeb I’d most like to wake up next to is..: Wentworth Miller. BIG FULLSTOP! ;p

If i could be a guy for a day, the first thing i’d do is….: I’m not telling yaaa…. haha! >;)

I’m most active when…: I’m playing my favourite sports, dancing.. Shopping… When i’m around friends.. I just can totally goof around. I think im this witty and happy-go-lucky type, i guess… 🙂

The things about a guy that gives the butterflies in the stomach: When he looks deep into your eyes when he confesses his feelings.. The way they look at you.. All about their eyes… 😉 A great personality.. Sense of humour never hurts… 😉 


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I had like tonnes of things to post but i couldn’t. U know why…?????? The wireless internet connection here totally sucks & i hate it that i can’t access the internet. Like, WTFcuk..? I couldn’t get on9 for 2 days. 2 LONG DAYS…. As in 46 hours.. As in 276o minutes… As in 165600 secs… (*&^%%$&*&%&^**&^^%##$@!#!$^) It got me cursing silently. God!  I swore i will complain to the administrator if i can’t on9 today, but thankfully i can..

Now let’s take a deep breathe… Sorry u readers had to bear with me as i was complaining.. 😉

I wanted to email the pics during Fesco to my seniors, they wanted to put it in our MCC (Malay Culture Club) blog,  but i couldn’t email it as promised. I’ll email it after this. It’s all becoz of this stupid internet connection la…! Tension jer..  😦

I’ve been really busy with exams. (oh, should i mention it everytime..?) But i’m not stressed out or anything.. Oh, is it a bad, baad sign..? That i’m not stressed out now..? I should, shouldn’t i…? 😉

Bio paper just now… Well,….. sucks…….. 😦  Lain yg baca, lain yg kluar…. It’s about carbon cycle..??? while what i read about was Nitrogen cycle.. I knw la abt Carbon cycle but the question was like………….. “what does this question wantt??! Dammit!” … & there is this question about GPP and NPP.. This one sucks more.. Give me headache like shit & i so totally have no idea on what does it want… It’s not about what to memorize, it’s about what u can interpret from that….. Sickening when i think about i aced this paper bfore, & now i just hope i pass.. 😦

Tomorrow i have Unit 2 physics paper. I don’t know whether i wanna take the trial paper or not.. I’m so not ready & i hate the topics. It’s about electronic & bla bla… I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it…..!!! It’s just soooooooo hard to fathom the theory of the topics.. I’m totally clueless.. But, it’s not like i totally hate physics.. i do like some of the theory topics.. But this topic put the ‘B’ in BLURR, if u know what i mean.. ;p

Owh yea…. I’m bored as hell becoz i havent gone out to hang lately. I can’t wait until Wednesdayy.. Have some plans with friends.. 😉 

I’m working on a video clip. It’s a secret i can’t tell…………. 🙂 If i tell u, i have to kill you.. haha!

March 24, 2008

Fu**ing Day

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What the fuck happened to my day..???

releasing stress?

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